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Update 5.17 Hera's Odyssey


Hera's Odyssey

This year’s Odyssey begins in 5.17 and will span over seven updates! Join Hera as she embarks upon a grand Odyssey to rally the pantheons against a threat great enough to destroy them all. Players can purchase Odyssey items and complete Event Quests to gain Odyssey Levels to move them closer to obtaining a Tier 5 Ares Skin as the Ultimate Odyssey Reward. Odyssey items will be discounted during the first Update they release, so act quick to save Gems!

Odyssey Points & Odyssey Levels

Gain Odyssey levels by earning Odyssey points through completing quests and/or buying Odyssey items.

Collection Bonuses

Players will receive a free item every 3 Odyssey Levels as a bonus.
Collection bonus items can be earned by questing.

Odyssey Quests

5 quests will be released in every Odyssey update.
Completing these 5 quests will reward you with 1 Odyssey Level.

Odyssey Lore

With every Odyssey, also comes an epic story. This year, the lore is set directly after the events of the Divine Uprising.

New God Skins

Cyber Scythe Thanatos

Cosmic Power Anubis

Pixel Chaos Discordia

General Nosseris Kumbhakarna

Balance Updates

Click HERE to read the full Update Notes for 5.17 - Hera's Odyssey!

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