New in SMITE - Season 7 Update


SMITE Season 7 is here!

New Joust Map!

As a new Season begins, so starts a new story arc in the SMITE Universe. This will set the stage for Season 7’s new Joust map! Yggdrasil, the world tree, has been damaged by Persephone. Now, a strange occurrence is happening in China. Jade, the sacred gemstone, usually imbued with healing powers and divinity, has turned into something sinister. Living things that touch the jade become afflicted by an otherworldly disease, and demons who slept are awoken by the dark energy within the stone.

New God Skins

Lord Bifrost Heimdallr

Charm Caster The Morrigan

Strix Beast Fenrir

Primal Steel Ares

Spell Slinger Sol

Eternal Tormentor Zeus

Alexandrite Isis - Season 6 Commendation Reward

Unbreakable Anhur - Season 6 Ranked Reward

NecRomancer Persephone - Available February 11

Enchanted Boyfriend Cu Chulainn - Available February 11

Merciless Monarch Olorun - Available February 11

Drunkyard Bacchus - Available February 11

Freezy Chibi Ymir - Available February 11

Click HERE to read the full patch notes for the Season 7 Update!

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