New in SMITE - Odyssey: Underworld Update


New God Skins

Dread Captain Artemis

First Mate Serqet

Sea Shanty Neith

Pirate Admiral Chang'e

Pirate Queen Chang'e

Temptress Aphrodite

Death Dragon Anubis

Thanatoast Thanatos

Stellar Demise Baron Samedi

Chilling Death Odin

Convention 2020 King Arthur - Available October 1

Nemean Lion Hercules - Available October 1

Splyce Jormungandr - Available October 1

Galaxy Shaper Nox - Available October 1

Snakey Chibi Medusa - Available October 8

Crime Boss Kuzenbo - Available October 1

Persephone Mastery Skins

New Event - Odyssey Underworld

The Odyssey returns this year focusing on the story of Persephone and her attempt to destabilize the rule that Gods hold over the world. Learn more at!

HRX 2019 Digital Loot Pack

Hi-Rez Expo is right around the corner, and we’re celebrating SMITE Esports with the HRX 2019 Digital Lootpack! This all new bundle has tons of amazing content, including the Splyce Jormungandr Skin commemorating the reigning SMITE World Champions! This bundle will be available for purchase in game for 1500 Gems. If you’re joining us in Atlanta for Hi-Rez Expo in November, you can add the Hi-Rez Expo 2019 Bundle to your ticket purchase to receive a code for the Digital Lootpack plus tons of other swag at the event. Here’s what’s included in this year’s Digital Lootpack:


    [*] Convention 2020 King Arthur
    [*] Nemean Lion Hercules
    [*] Splyce Jormungandr
    [*] Galaxy Shaper Nox

Profile Loadout Items

    [*] Ouroboros Global Emote
    [*] Cosmic Void Recall Skin
    [*] Galactic Title
    [*] Horus Announcer Pack
    [*] Set Announcer Pack
    [*] Merlin Announcer Pack

Click HERE to read the full patch notes for the Odyssey: Underworld Update!

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