New in SMITE - Neo Olympia Update


New Battle Pass Neo Olympia

SMITE’s newest Battle Pass, Neo Olympia, is here! Earn Battle Points while playing SMITE and unlock all kinds of limited and exclusive content as you level up through each of the 60 levels. You will also earn in-game currency for reaching milestones along the way. Complete the Neo Olympia Battle Pass to earn all the rewards on your track!

Instantly hit the streets with Warmaker Vulcan when you purchase the Premium Neo Olympia Battle Pass and begin your grind through the ranks!

Level 20 Reward: Powersurge Awilix

Level 40 Reward: Data Dealer Da Ji

Level 60 Reward: Warmaker Cerberus

Other Rewards: Neo Olympia Loading Frame, EAT ME! Global Emote, N00B Death Stamp, Solarus Amaterasu Avatar, Neo Olympia Pedestal, Neo Olympia Ward Skin, Glitch Recall Skin

New God Skins

Prince of Darkness Hades free with Twitch Prime

Cove Queen Nu Wa

Howler Demon Hun Batz

Unichrome Set

Luminous Bastet - Available June 4

Sashimi Neko Bacchus - Available June 11

Pendragon King Arthur - Available June 11

Touchdown Vamana - Available June 18

Freedom Overload Poseidon - Available June 18

Click HERE to read the full patch notes for the Neo Olympia Update!

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