New in SMITE - 7.3 Grim Omens Update


New Event - Grim Omens

A new event begins in SMITE that will follow the story of the next two god releases. Dark times are approaching in the SMITE universe as Yggdrasil withers away from Persephone’s failed plan. Mulan is determined to help humanity in any way she can. She will encounter friends and enemies as she uncovered the truth about the signs that signal the terrifying events that will soon unfold. Can Mulan persevere through the Grim Omens?

New God Skins

Divine Right Jing Wei - Lightbringers Battle Pass

Radiant Archon Ra - Lightbringers Battle Pass

Fallen Arbiter Chaac - Lightbringers Battle Pass

Sacred Grounds Geb - Lightbringers Battle Pass

Bone Chiller Skadi - Ghostmancer Chest

Brood Mother Medusa - Grim Omens

Demon's Bane Merlin - Grim Omens

Primal Vengeance Nemesis - Grim Omens

New Tier 5 Skin: Totem Caller Hou Yi - Grim Omens Final Event Reward

Click HERE to read the full patch notes for the Grim Omens Update!

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