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crwnd07 Avatar
crwnd07 GYO Verified

Member since Feb 12, 2019

North America Mix

Nickjmiller Avatar
Nickjmiller GYO Verified

Member since Feb 16, 2019

North America ...mst Competitive

KIll3R Avatar
KIll3R GYO Verified

Member since Dec 03, 2019

EU (East) Mix

AspireCharisma Avatar

Member since Nov 13, 2019

NA (East) Mix

miguelomelo Avatar
miguelomelo GYO Verified

Member since Oct 17, 2019

NA (East) Competitive

Daicarrus Avatar
Daicarrus GYO Verified

Member since Mar 03, 2019

Puebla Competitive

FuSion Archer Avatar
FuSion Archer

Member since Mar 01, 2019

Southern Orange County, California, NA Mix

Dex0taku Avatar

Member since May 18, 2019

US East Competitive

iDontLoseMuch Avatar

Member since May 19, 2019

NA Competitive

Antics Avatar

Member since Apr 16, 2019

Eastern Competitive

TheDarKhaan Avatar

Member since Mar 02, 2019

Brazil. Latam. Competitive

Vintres Avatar

Member since Feb 28, 2019

Brasil Mix

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New in SMITE - The Vigilant Update

New Norse Hunter - Heimdallr, The Vigilant

Passive - The VigilantWhen Heimdallr gains vision of an enemy god he gains Physical Power, up to a maximum of 5 gods. When an enemy god would disappear from vision (including Stealth) Heimdallr continues to see them for 4s. Heimdallr's Critical Strikes only deal 70% bonus damage.
    [*] Physical Power per Stack : 3%
Basic Attacks
    [*] 1.3 / 1.3 / 1.5 swing time and Damage[*] 7.5 ft AoE on the initial 2 hits that hit for 33% damage.
Piercing SightHeimdallr throws…

Watch Hi-Rez Expo on Steam and Get Rewards!

Gods & Goddesses! Hi-Rez Expo is this weekend, we couldn’t be more excited to announce that Hi-Rez fans can earn in-game rewards for both SMITE & Paladins by tuning in to watch each day of the event!
This year, in-game rewards will be available for watching on Steam for both games — and it’s easier than ever to get involved! Simply make sure your Hi-Rez account is linked on Steam before the broadcast starts.
In order to check your accounts are linked properly, please visit our linked accounts…

New in SMITE - RWBY Update

New Battle Pass: RWBY

See Team RWBY in action as they take over the Battleground! Unlock Skins for Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee, Blake Belladonna, and Yang Xiao Long in the new RWBY Battle Pass!

Returning Adventure - Classic Domintation

Take control of the map as you capture points and fight to keep your tickets! Queue up now, because the Classic Domination Adventure is available during this update only!

Isis Visual Update

    [*] The Egyptian Goddess of Magic will have a completely new model, card art…

The Fall Combine Has Ended - What's Next?

The Fall Combine is officially in the books, and our data dragons are now crunching the numbers while our data evaluators take a look at your performance.  Here's what to expect next as we move forward.

New in SMITE - Goddess of Rivers Update

New Yoruba Guardian - Yemoja, Goddess of Rivers

Passive - OmiYemoja's abilities do not cost any Mana and only her Ultimate has a Cooldown. Instead Yemoja uses Omi to cast spells. She starts with 7 and is able to earn up to 3 more. Yemoja gains 1 Omi (+.01 per level) every 5 seconds and Cooldown Reduction increases Omi regeneration. Yemoja's Basic Attack healing only affects gods and does not proc item effects.
    [*] Unlock additional Omi at: 300, 450, and 600 Mana/MP5 from items.
Basic AttacksYemoja's…

Welcome to Call of Duty - GYO Style

Welcome to the GYO Call of Duty: Modern Warfare site!  We're just as excited to call in some tactical nukes as you are, but first thing is first - you need to find a team, and you need to be prepared to hit the ground running on day one.  That's why we're here.... to help you meet other players of similar skill, and get into Call of Duty feet first!

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