June 21 - 30

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New in SMITE - Neo Olympia Update

New Battle Pass Neo Olympia

SMITE’s newest Battle Pass, Neo Olympia, is here! Earn Battle Points while playing SMITE and unlock all kinds of limited and exclusive content as you level up through each of the 60 levels. You will also earn in-game currency for reaching milestones along the way. Complete the Neo Olympia Battle Pass to earn all the rewards on your track! Instantly hit the streets with Warmaker Vulcan when you purchase the Premium Neo Olympia Battle Pass and begin your grind through…

Gem Sale - Neo Olympia

Gods and Goddesses,
As the Battleground prepares for the Neo Olympia Update, we wanted to give you a head start on grabbing extra Gems during our Gem sale! Starting today, save up to 35% on Gem Packs.
To go along with the Gem sale, we also have all of our Pantheon Chests going on sale, as well! These Chests have been updated to include tons of additional skins that were released up through Season 5, so there’s more goodies for everyone! Also, these Chests all have an equal drop chance, so make sure…

New in SMITE - Sands Skies Update

New Egyptian Warrior - Horus, The Rightful Heir

Passive - Resolute Each time Horus is damaged by an enemy god, Horus gains a stack of Resolute. If Set is the god damaging Horus, Horus gains 2 stacks. Each stack increases Horus’ Protections and CCR. Resolute stacks to a max count of 10 for 3s. When Resolute fades, Horus is healed based on the amount of stacks.
    [*] Protections Per Stack : 1.5[*] CCR Per Stack : 1.5%[*] Heal Per Stack : 2 + 0.75 Per Level
Updraft Horus uses his wings to create an…

New in SMITE - Darkness Falls Update

New Assault Map

Ragnarok has come and gone, transforming Asgard in the process. The Assault map has entirely new art set and some mechanical changes as well. The main goal for the Assault gameplay changes is to encourage more fighting. Some new areas and objectives have been added to the map to prevent stalemates and ensure the battle keeps raging. Match Lobby
    [*] Decreased Cost to Reroll your god from 50 gems to 25 gems [*] Decreased Cost to Reroll your god from 250 favor to 125 favor

Gem Sale - SMITE's 5th Birthday Bash!

We are so excited to celebrate our birthday with all of you! Check out all the things going on in SMITE this week!


We’re starting the celebration off with a Gem Sale, where you can save up to 35% on Gems right NOW! We are also having all of our Season Chests on sale throughout the week plus sales on Avatars, Wards, Voice Packs, Boosters, and In-Game Name Changes. Check in daily to see what sales are going on each day!


Wednesday, March 20 - Get a Cutesy Avatar Chest for getting 3 First…

New in SMITE - The World Serpent Update

New Norse Guardian - Jormungandr, The World Serpent

Passive - Immovable Jormungandr is so large that he cannot be affected by Hard Displacement instead he gets Dazed. Dazed is a debuff on Jormungandr that is a fading slow and increases the damage he takes for the duration. Any Attack speed past base reduces the cooldown rate of Jormungandr's Basic Attack.
    [*] Slow: 20% fading over 2s [*] Increased Damage to Jorm: 10% [*] Duration: 2s
Venomous Haze Jormungandr fires noxious spit at an area that…

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